The rich history of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church first began on the second Sunday of May 1969 with the Rev. Clarence Knox at its helm. What began as a Mission with eight dedicated members who held their first meeting in the United Methodist Church on the corner of Lippincott and Center Roads would decades later expand to more than 1,000 members who worship in a church more than three times the size of the original building.
A few months after its inception, on Sunday, September 21, 1969, the Mission met at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church for the purpose of organizing a church, which was later established with 37 members.
Consequently, services for the church were held every Sunday at 1 p.m. at the United Methodist Church. Approximately 14 months later, the membership had increased to 65, who, along with the Rev. C. Knox, raised a total of $11,000 to purchase six lots on Eckley and Kent Streets for the purpose of building their own house of worship. Unfortunately, they met with much opposition from the neighbors in the area and were unable to use the lots.
As a result, the Rev. C. Knox and the church went into prayer and asked God to lead them to a church site. And as is His usual practice, God answered and lead the congregation to 2140 South Center Road. The church, however, did not have enough money to purchase the land so the Pastor and his wife Mary stood in the gap and loaned the church what was needed.
Unfortunately, there were still roadblocks that had to be overcome. Shortly after the church began to hold services in the basement of the house that was purchased with the land at 2140 South Center Road, neighbors began to complain, which led to a legal battle with the officials of Burton Township. Shortly thereafter the church returned to the United Methodist Church for its services.
Through hard work, prayer and sacrifice, a tabernacle was soon erected to worship God at 2130 South Center Road in Burton. And on Sunday, December 10, 1972, the Reverend Clarence Knox, along with 110 members, marched into the tabernacle. Under his leadership, six members received their calling into the ministry, eight deacons were ordained. 
Ready to relinquish his leadership role, Pastor Clarence Knox officially retired on the third Sunday of September 1994. His youngest son, Minister Urundi “Ron” Knox became the Pastor of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. Within a year, under the auspices of Pastor Urundi Knox, more than 200 new members were added to the church body.
The church continued to expand under the leadership of Pastor Urundi Knox, and on September 29, 1996, the congregation broke ground for the building of a new sanctuary of God, which cost in excess of $1 million. On Sunday, September 7, 1997, Pastor Urundi Knox, along with his father, Senior Pastor Clarence Knox, the congregation and friends, joyfully marched into the new sanctuary.
1 Samuel 7:12 reads “Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Eben-ezer saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” Pastor Knox’s vision for the church was to reach out and help the community.
In order to broaden the church’s purpose and minister to those in need, the name of the church was officially changed in 1999 from Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church to Ebenezer Ministries. With a mission of serving the congregation and community, additional outreach ministries were created and implemented by Pastor Urundi Knox, including an Elderly Ministry, Abused & Battered Women Ministry, Prison Ministry and Street Ministry, all which provide an array of help and hope to the residents of Genesee County. One of the largest community outreach projects implemented under the direction of Pastor Urundi Knox was the “Take Back the City Crusade,” in which Sunday morning services were taken outside the walls of the church and held in downtown Flint at Riverbank Park in 1999 and 2000. The hungry and homeless were fed and clothing was distributed to the needy.
1999 was an especially noteworthy year in the church’s history, as 20 acres of land were purchased adjacent to the church between Center Road and Lippincott Boulevard, expanding the church’s reach considerably.

If you tell them, they will come…

Pastor Knox’s marketing expertise has served him, and the community, well. To share the good news of the gospel and Ebenezer Ministries, the church has purchased well-received, and sometimes controversial, ads on billboards across the city as another way of reaching the various audiences in Genesee County. Despite the controversy, Ebenezer’s membership rolls continued to grow and the church held a mortgage burning ceremony to celebrate the pay-off of the new sanctuary in December 2001, years before it was due.

In November 2006, Ebenezer purchased a former engineering building at 2096 S. Center Road and transformed it into Ebenezer Ministries’ Ministry and Community Center. “Black Sunday” was held on June 10, 2007 to celebrate the pay-off of the $335,000 mortgage, less than one year after the loan was taken out.

In 2007, Pastor Knox, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell, Judge Archie Haman, Judge Nathaniel Perry and Ebenezer’s Motorcycle Ministry presented the book, “Talks My Father Never Had With Me” to the male inmates of the Genesee County Jail. The concept was to encourage the inmates to read the book and have talks with their children to show them a better way of life.

In 2008, a regulation-size basketball court was built on the church grounds as the church “campus” continues to expand and gives members another facility to enjoy. Also in 2008, Pastor Knox was selected as an official motorcycle safety ambassador for the Public Safety Department at Charles Stewart Mott Community College and presented with a brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle to use for two years. At the same time, Cummings Harley Davidson in Davison, Michigan, selected Pastor Knox as a mentor from the State of Michigan to be featured in their national “Share the Spark” mentoring campaign. They appreciated the number of individuals Pastor Knox has mentored and kept safe through example and safe riding techniques. As a result of these two accolades, Pastor Knox was deputized as a Public Safety Mentor by Genesee County Sheriff, Robert Pickell on Sunday, October 12.  

Bishop Knox obtained his current status as “Bishop” during the Ordination/Consecration ceremony on Friday, October 1, 2010 at Ebenezer Ministries.  The ordination was confirmed by the late Bishop Odis A. Floyd, New Jerusalem Full Gospel Church, Bishop Roger L. Jones, Sr., Greater Holy Temple COGIC Ministries and Bishop M.C. Akins, Heavenly Host Full Gospel Baptist Church.
On September 21-22, 2019, Ebenezer Ministries celebrated its 50th Church Anniversary and Bishop Urundi B. Knox celebrated his 25th Pastoral Anniversary. Bishop Knox is married to Michele Knox and has twins, Urundi & Imani and one bonus son, Willie Mack III. 

Bishop Knox most recently changed the culture of the church.  Six Pastors were assigned to lead the church in Sunday morning worship and Wednesday Night Warrior Study.  These Pastors will offer the congregation a fresh word from a different age and gender demographic.  On Sunday, March 15, 2020, the President of the United States officially closed faith-based churches as a gathering place for more than 10 people, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. But immediately, Bishop Knox instituted taping services using the anointed men and women of God, a praise team and a live prayer line for members and non-members to call in from across the world.  The Word of God will not stop, it will continue to reach till the end of the earth…

Work Experience
Ebenezer Ministries, Senior Pastor
Work Experience
| PAST |
  • C.S. Mott Community College
    Professor – Business Division
  • Michigan Works! Career Alliance, Executive Vice President
  • Kettering University (Formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute)
  • Director, Pre-College Programs
  • T. Rowe Price & Associates
    Marketing Investor
  • General Motors Corporation,
    Accounts Specialist
  • Wayne State University,
    Doctoral Program ABD, School of Education & Administration
  • Morgan State University,
    MBA Program
  • Eastern Michigan University, M.A.
  • University of Michigan, B.A.S.
  • C.S. Mott Community College, A.A.
  • McLaren Flint Board of Trustees
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
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